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ICTY Delivers Set of Transcripts to Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The Hague, 6 December 2011
ICTY Delivers Set of Transcripts to Bosnia and Herzegovina



The Tribunal delivered yesterday approximately 700 pages of trial transcripts in the local languages of the region to judicial authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The transcripts were produced by the Tribunal’s Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian transcription team.

This delivery of transcripts will be followed by a second delivery on 14 December. The provision of transcripts in the local languages will enhance the ability of national legal practitioners to access and utilise testimony given before the ICTY.

Until October 2010, the transcripts were available only in English and French, the official languages of the ICTY. However, under the War Crimes Justice Project, the Tribunal was able to produce more than 60,000 pages of ICTY trial transcripts in the local languages.  The aim of WCJP, a four-million Euro project funded by the EU and implemented by the ICTY in partnership with the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Institute, was to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and materials from the ICTY to legal professionals in the former Yugoslavia, as a means of enhancing their ability to try war crimes cases. 

The transcripts were produced from the audio recordings of ICTY court hearings. They were selected on the basis of feedback received from the local judiciaries on transcripts which were of high significance to their proceedings.

Following the close of the WCJP last month, the Tribunal will be able to continue providing this support until the end of the year as part of its wider efforts to ensure the positive impact of its legacy. The Tribunal is currently seeking funding to transcribe additional transcripts in the languages of the region. 

The transcripts produced thus far can be accessed in the ICTY’s Court Records Database and on the relevant case pages of the Tribunal’s website.

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