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ICTY Weekly Press Briefing - 2 October 2013

Date: 2.10.2013
Time: 12:30

Registry and Chambers:

Magdalena Spalińska, Spokesperson for Registry and Chambers, made the following statement:

Good afternoon,

In a special plenary held yesterday, the judges of the ICTY re-elected Judge Theodor Meron as President of the Tribunal and Judge Carmel Agius as Vice-President for two year terms starting November 17, 2013. In the vote for President, Judge Meron received twelve votes, while Judge O-Gon Kwon received six votes. After Judge Meron was re-elected, he nominated Judge Agius as Vice-President, and Judge Agius was re-elected by general consensus.

I will now to turn to court filings.

Yesterday, in the case of Radovan Karadžić, Tribunal President Meron appointed Judges Flügge, Moloto and Hall to a Specially Appointed Chamber following a request made by Karadžić last week to investigate possible contempt of the Tribunal by former ICTY Prosecutor Carla del Ponte in the case of Slobodan Milošević. In his request, Karadžić stated that according to a Wikileaks cable, Carla Del Ponte disclosed confidential witness information from the Slobodan Milošević case to US representatives in 2004.

In the Appeals case for Jovica Stanišić and and Franko Simatović, the Prosecution filed the public redacted version of its Appeals Brief last Wednesday, 25 September. In the brief, the Prosecution presented three grounds of appeal and argued that the acquittals for both accused should be overturned.

Now onto the courtroom schedule, the trial of Ratko Mladić will continue tomorrow and will then have a short break from Friday, 4 October through Wednesday, 16 October.

Following a two week adjournment, the Hadžić case is schedule to recommence on Monday, 7 October at 9:00 a.m. in Courtroom II.

Also on the schedule for next week is a status conference for the Prlić and others appeals case to be held on Tuesday, 8 October at 10:00 a.m. in Courtroom III.

Office of the Prosecutor:

Aleksandar Kontić, member of the Prosecutor’s Immediate Office, made the following statement:

The Prosecutor Serge Brammertz will travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) next week from 7 through 9 October. The Prosecutor will meet with members of the BiH Presidency, representatives of the State Prosecutor’s office of BiH, representatives from victim’s organizations as well as representatives from the international community. The Prosecutor’s mission to BiH is part of the preparation for his completion strategy report to the Security Council which is due later this year.


A journalist asked if President Meron intended to appoint another chamber to investigate his own conversations with US diplomats from 2003 published on Wikileaks in which he urged the US government to oppose the renewal of Carla Del Ponte's mandate as Prosecutor expressing concerns about her performance. Spalińska answered that there was no request to appoint such a panel.