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Media accreditation now open for the Judgement of Jadranko Prlić and others

(Exclusively for the use of the media. Not an official document)
The Hague, 22 May 2013

Media accreditation now open for the Judgement of Jadranko Prlić and others

The Trial Chamber Judgement in the case of Jadranko Prlić and others involving six high-level leaders of the Bosnian Croat wartime entity Herceg-Bosna will be rendered on 29 May 2013 at 10am in Courtroom I.

Journalists wishing to cover the hearing should send an email to press [at] icty.org by midday on Monday 27 May.

The email should contain the name of the media outlet as well as full name, passport number and contact details of all journalists and AV technicians coming to the Tribunal.

Journalists will be informed of the status of their accreditation request and collection details by email.

Other members of the public wishing to attend the hearings should send an email to kralt.icty [at] un.org for more information on the procedure and space available.

Case information

 The Judgement will be broadcast live on the Tribunal’s website

The Spokesperson for Registry and Chambers, Magdalena Spalińska, can be reached on +31 (0)6 5127 1242 or +31(0)70 512 5066 and spalinska [at] un.org

For further information please call the Media Office at +31 (70) 512-8752 or -5343 or -5356.