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Milan Martic case to be reviewed in open court, possibly with witnesses.

Press Release

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The Hague, 20 February 1996

Milan Martic case to be reviewed in open court, possibly with witnesses.


At the initiative of Judge JORDA, the Trial Chamber I will review in open court, as of Tuesday 27 February 1996, the indictment against Milan MARTIC. During this hearing, the Prosecutor will display the evidence supporting the charges. It is likely that witnesses will be called on.

Milan MARTIC was indicted on 25 July 1995. The then President of Croatian Serb administration in Knin was charged with war crimes in relation with the firing of cluster-bombs into the central part of Zagreb in May 1995.

This hearing is expected to last three days.


On 13 February 1996, in accordance with Rule 61 of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence of the Tribunal ("the Rules"), during a meeting in his private Chambers, Judge Claude JORDA set the date of 27 February 1995 for the public hearing of the case brought against Milan MARTIC, President of the Croatian Serb administration in Knin. In an indictment confirmed on 25 July 1995 by Judge JORDA, Milan MARTIC stands accused of violations of the laws and customs of war following attacks on Zagreb carried out in May 1995.

Since the warrants of arrest have not been executed, Judge JORDA, considering that, in this case, a reasonable time had long since elapsed, in accordance with the amendment adopted by the Judges in January 1996 in paragraph (A) of the Rules, invited the Prosecutor to report on what measures he had taken to inform the accused of the existence of the indictment.

Under these conditions, it was decided that Trial Chamber I in a public hearing would be seized on 27 February 1996 of the indictment against Milan MARTIC. Following the public hearing, Trial Chamber I will be able to reconfirm the indictment, issue an international warrant of arrest and, if necessary, inform the Security Council.


The accreditation-desk will open at 9.30 a.m. and will close 9.50 a.m.

Accreditation will automatically be granted to the holders of the following professional press-cards: BPV, Politieperskaart, Dutch press-card, EU press-card and United Nations press-card.

Other journalists will have to produce a valid identity document and an original letter from their editor-in-chief to gain access. This letter can also be sent by fax directly to the Press Office (fax number: +31-70-416-5355).

Audio-visual and photo coverage will not be allowed in the courtroom. In order to accommodate both radio- and television companies to hook up to the internal and external press feeds (video-BNC/ audio-Cannon) it is necessary to take measures avoiding problems in positioning your equipment during the proceedings. Please contact the Press and Information Office as soon as possible.

In order to receive entrance to the press conference you will have to show a valid identity document.


A detailed information memorandum on Rule 61 proceedings is available upon request of the Press Information Office.

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