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President Agius conferred The National Order of Merit of Malta

President | | The Hague |

President Agius has been made an Officer of The National Order of Merit of Malta (U.O.M.) in a ceremony held yesterday at the Palace in Valletta, the capital city of Malta. The honour was bestowed in absentia as President Agius is presently in Arusha for the delivery of the final appeal judgement of the ICTR.

Malta pays public tribute to Maltese citizens who have distinguished themselves in different walks of life and whose contribution and achievements enrich the general well-being of their fellow countrymen. Foreign nationals who have distinguished themselves by their service in the promotion and fostering of international relations or who have earned the respect and gratitude of the people of the Maltese Islands are also honoured. The State bestows its honours on Republic Day through appointments to The National Order of Merit.

Appointments to The National Order of Merit are made by the President of Malta on the written advice of the Prime Minister. The Instruments of Appointment, the Insignia and the Medals are presented by the President at an investiture ceremony on Republic day.

The motto of the Order is 'Virtute et Constantia'.