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Proceedings against Goran Hadžić terminated following his death

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The Trial Chamber today terminated the proceedings against Goran Hadžić, former President of the self-proclaimed Republic of Serbian Krajina in Croatia, who died on 12 July 2016.

Hadžić was on trial for crimes against humanity and war crimes. The indictment against him alleged that he participated in a Joint Criminal Enterprise (JCE) whose purpose was the permanent forcible removal of a majority of the Croat and other non-Serb population from a large part of the Republic of Croatia in order to make it part of a new Serb-dominated state.

Hadžić was granted provisional release on 13 April 2015 due to ill health. He was on provisional release, residing in Novi Sad, Serbia, when he passed away on 12 July.

Background on the proceedings

Hadžić was first indicted in May 2004. He was arrested on 20 July 2011 and transferred to the ICTY on 22 July 2011.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges, and the trial commenced on 16 October 2012.

The Prosecution’s case was concluded on 28 November 2013. The Defence case commenced on 3 July 2014 and has been adjourned since 20 October 2014 due to the ill health of the Accused.