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Radovan Karadžić Trial Judgement – Accreditation procedure now open

| The Hague |

The accreditation procedure has opened for those wishing to attend the Karadžić Trial Judgement scheduled for Thursday 24 March 2016, from 14:00, in Courtroom I.

Due to space limitations, all media representatives wishing to enter the court building on those days must submit an accreditation request. Accreditation requests must be submitted by Wednesday, 16 March at 12:00.

Final media information and accreditation lists will be posted on the Tribunal’s website after 16:00 on Friday, 18 March.

Two different types of accreditation will be provided to as many journalists as possible: one for access to the lobby of the Tribunal and the courtroom’s public gallery and the second one for access to the Tribunal’s lobby only.

Journalists are required to pick up their accreditation tickets on 24 March from 10:00. Members of the media are invited to familiarise themselves with the official procedure for gaining access to the ICTY main building and courtrooms.

Other members of the public wishing to attend the trial judgement should send an email to kralt.icty [at] un.org for more information on the procedure and space available.


Karadžić case: Key information and Timeline

For further information please call:
The Media Office at +31 (70) 512-5343 or -5356.

Court proceedings can be followed on the Tribunal’s website www.icty.org