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Release of two persons believed to be indicted by the Tribunal.

Press Release . Communiqué de presse
(Exclusively for the use of the media. Not an official document)


The Hague, 23 July 1998


Late during the evening of Wednesday 22 July SFOR troops detained two persons who were believed to have been Nenad Banovic and Predrag Banovic who had been indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The two persons were subsequently transferred to the seat of the Tribunal in The Hague on Thursday 23 July. Later that day the Prosecutor’s staff was
able to establish that these two persons were not Nenad Banovic and Predag Banovic. The two detained persons had not been indicted by the Tribunal, nor were they suspected or accused of having committed any crime.

Subsequently, on Thursday afternoon, Judge Riad issued an order for these two persons to be immediately sent back to their place of origin and the Registrar’s staff has made the appropriate arrangements to implement the order.

The Office of the Prosecutor wishes to express its gratitude for the quick response on the part of the relevant Federation authorities in Sanski Most in Bosnia and Herzegovina who assisted in the correct identification of the persons detained by SFOR on 22 July.

The Office of the Prosecutor also wishes to support NATO efforts in bringing to justice those accused persons who have been indicted by this Tribunal and also wishes to encourage SFOR to continue to take an active role in the early detention of the remaining twenty seven publicly indicted accused who are believed to be on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.