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Stanišić and Simatović Granted Provisional Release

Press Release
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The Hague, 27 June 2008

Stanišić and Simatović Granted Provisional Release

The Appeals Chamber yesterday ordered the temporary provisional release of Jovica Stanišić and Franko Simatović under terms and conditions outlined in the original decision.

Stanišić and Simatović’s request for provisional release was granted by the Trial Chamber on 26 May 2008 but the decision was stayed following the Prosecution’s appeal.

Stanišić and Simatović, high level officials of Serbian Secret Service, are accused of having directed, organized, equipped, trained, armed and financed secret units of the Serbian State Security which are alleged to have murdered, persecuted and deported Croats, Bosnian Muslims, Bosnian Croats and other non-Serb civilians from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia between 1991 and 1995. Stanišić was a close aide to former Yugoslav and Serbia political leader Slobodan Milošević.

The trial, which was delayed due to the ill-health of Stanišić, commenced 28 April 2008 before being postponed again due to Stanišić’s health. On 16 May 2008 the Appeals Chamber ordered that the trial be adjourned for a minimum of three months and that the accused’s health be assessed before determining when the trial should resume.

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