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The Tribunal marks International Women’s Day

Tribunal | | The Hague |

Today, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) marks International Women’s Day and joins the global invitation to “Be Bold for Change” by taking action that drives change for women.

The ICTY Focal Point for Women, which promotes gender equality within the Tribunal, organised a series of activities to mark International Women’s Day 2017. In opening today’s events, the ICTY Registrar, John Hocking, noted that For over twenty years, the ICTY has been bold for change: it has combatted impunity for sexual violence in conflict, achieved gender equality in the workplace and empowered agents for change.”

Since its establishment, the ICTY has aimed to ensure gender equality and empowerment of women. At different times in its lifespan the Tribunal has been led by women, while female staff members at all levels and positions have made an invaluable contribution to its work and achievements. The Tribunal is especially proud that it has achieved equal representation of women among its staff, including at the higher level positions.

In preparation for this year’s events, the ICTY Focal Point for Women has reached out to the Tribunal’s staff to find out what being “bold for change” means to them. A short video recording some of the responses has been produced, in which staff members speak about their key concerns and possible solutions to achieve gender equality.