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Tribunal’s Outreach programme works with teachers at Edukans World Citizenship Day

Press Release
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The Hague, 14 November 2012

Tribunal’s Outreach programme works with teachers  at Edukans World Citizenship Day

Today the Tribunal’s Outreach Programme took part in an annual teacher training on world citizenship on the theme ‘Peace and Law’, organised by a Dutch NGO Edukans in The Hague.

ICTY Outreach provided the Dutch teachers with information and tools to help them make the ICTY’s work and achievements known and meaningful to students, in the context of the world citizenship school curriculum theme. These tools include a DVD created for this event showing witness testimony and other footage from some of the Tribunal’s cases, in Dutch or with Dutch subtitles. An introductory PowerPoint presentation about the Tribunal was also made available. Discussions were held on methodological approaches to making the ICTY and international justice more accessible to students.

Speaking about the event, the ICTY Spokesperson for Registry and Chambers, Magdalena Spalinska said ‘The ICTY welcomes this opportunity provided by Edukans to work with Dutch teachers to help them inspire students to think about the Tribunal’s contribution to justice, the importance of establishing facts about crimes, fighting denial and the role of courts in bringing a sense of redress after a conflict. We hope that the audiovisual material will bring all these issues to life and help students see its relevance for them as world citizens’.

Working with young people has been a focus of Outreach’s efforts since the beginning of the Programme’s existence. In 2011, Outreach’s efforts culminated in a groundbreaking youth education initiative successfully implemented across the former
Yugoslavia. Through this project, information about the Tribunal’s contribution to the development of the rule of law and reconciliation has been brought directly into the region’s high schools and universities, reaching almost 3,500 young people. More information about the Outreach Programme can be found on the
Tribunal’s website.

Edukans is a development organisation with a focus on the need for basic education for all children. In
Holland, Edukans works with teachers to help them develop original and inspiring lessons on world citizenship for use in the classroom.

Teachers who are interested in receiving copies of the ICTY materials for use in their classrooms should send an email to
kralt.icty [at] un.org ().

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