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Tribunal’s Principals Address Diplomatic Community

Press Release
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The Hague, 2 December 2008

Tribunal’s Principals Address Diplomatic Community

The Tribunal’s three principals, President Patrick Robinson, Prosecutor Serge Brammertz and Registrar Hans Holthuis today held a periodic briefing for the diplomatic community in The Hague.

More than 60 Ambassadors and members of the diplomatic community attended the meeting, which focused on developments at the ICTY and progress made towards the completion of its mandate.

In his first address to the diplomatic community, President Patrick Robinson reiterated his commitment to leading the Tribunal towards a successful completion of its mission. President Robinson reported on the unprecedented level of trial activity during the second half of 2008, as well as the Tribunal’s continued commitment to building the capacity of judiciaries in the region of the former Yugoslavia and steps being taken to preserve the Tribunal’s legacy. He called on the international community to ensure that the Tribunal has the resources required to complete its work.

The Prosecutor outlined progress achieved in respect of the completion of trials and appeals, cooperation of States and interaction with national prosecutors. He highlighted the important arrests of Stojan Zupljanin and Radovan Karadžić and stressed that the arrest of the two remaining fugitives is today the highest priority for the Office. Emphasising the importance and complexity of all ongoing and remaining cases, Prosecutor Brammertz said that trials will continue in 2009 and 2010 and called on the international community to maintain its support by providing the resources necessary for the Tribunal to successfully complete its mandate.

Registrar Hans Holthuis used the opportunity to speak about the measures being taken by the Tribunal in relation to supporting trials of self-represented accused.

Diplomatic briefings are held bi-annually and allow the Tribunal’s President, Prosecutor and Registrar to update the members of the corps diplomatique on the activities of the organs comprising the Tribunal.

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