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Tribunal highlights achievements of Outreach Programme in 2011 Annual Report

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The Hague, 22 March 2012

Tribunal highlights achievements of Outreach Programme in 2011 Annual Report


Today the Tribunal’s Outreach Programme publishes its Annual Report for 2011, setting out its activities and achievements during one of the most ambitious and dynamic periods for the programme since its inception.

The report reflects various aspects of the Tribunal’s enhanced outreach strategy at a defining moment in the Tribunal’s history as the end of its mandate approaches. ‘Our actions today will define how the Tribunal's legacy will live and bear fruit tomorrow. At this time Outreach is once again rising to the challenge’, said ICTY Registrar, John Hocking, introducing the report.

The report spans the full range of the Outreach Programme’s activities - from youth and media outreach to work with grass-root communities and judicial capacity building. Particular highlights range from a groundbreaking youth outreach project, in which 3,000 young people from high schools and universities across the former Yugoslavia will reflect with ICTY officials on the Tribunal’s contribution to justice in their communities, to the production of a feature-length documentary on the ICTY’s pioneering prosecution of wartime sexual violence. An analysis of the impact of Outreach’s enhanced presence on the Web through its new social media platforms is also presented.

Speaking about the report Nerma Jelačić, Head of Outreach, said “This report presents a wide range of activities that have taken place in 2011. Each one unique, they all follow the path envisaged by the new outreach strategy aiming to promote the Tribunal’s record in ending impunity and stimulate the process of dealing with the past in the former Yugoslavia’. The report is available on the ICTY website in English and Bosnian/Serbian /Croatian and will be widely distributed to the Outreach Programme’s stakeholders in the region of the former Yugoslavia and worldwide.

The Outreach Programme was created in 1999 for the purpose of improving the understanding of the work of the Tribunal and its relevance in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. As the first programme of its kind, the Tribunal’s Outreach Programme set a precedent for other criminal tribunals which have since set up similar initiatives. The programme benefits from the continuous support of the European Commission and its work with young people is generously funded by the Government of Finland.


The Tribunal’s Outreach Programme

ICTY Annual Outreach Report 2011


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