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Tribunal Hosts a Study Visit of Serbian Human and Minority Rights Professionals

Press Release
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The Hague, 17 October 2011

Tribunal Hosts a Study Visit of Serbian Human and Minority Rights Professionals



The Tribunal’s Outreach Programme is hosting a group of seventeen human and minority rights professionals from the Serbian Ministry for Human & Minority Rights, Public Administration and Local Self-Government on a two-day study visit to the ICTY.

The visit is taking place as part of the Tribunal’s efforts to increase cooperation and knowledge sharing with groups and individuals whose professional efforts are aimed at improving the rule of law and promotion of human rights in the countries of former Yugoslavia.

Ratomir Vićovac, Team Leader of the EU funded project for the Implementation of Priorities in the Areas of Human Rights & Protection of National Minority Groups of the Ministry, said that “the Directorate for Human & Minority Rights of Serbia has been on a number of study visits to various Human & Minority Rights organisations including the OSCE/ODIHR, the Council of Europe, the OHCHR of the UN and the European Court of Human Rights,” adding, in relation to this visit, that he had “in a manner of speaking, saved one of the best for last.”

The group had an opportunity to meet with a variety of the Tribunal’s officials and get acquainted with a number of topics including the ICTY’s legacy, its Residual Mechanism, cooperation of states and the legal aid provided to accused. The programme includes a tour of the Detention Unit where the group will learn about the Tribunal’s  efforts to manage the facility according to the highest international standards.

The Outreach Programme is one of the main tools for sharing the Tribunal’s expertise with local judiciary and other state institutions, as well as with various governmental and non-governmental organisations. As the ICTY moves towards the completion of its mandate, the Outreach Programme is intensifying its efforts to provide the communities of the former Yugoslavia with increased access to the Tribunal’s work and to promote a greater understanding of its achievements.

The Outreach Programme benefits from the continuous support of the European Union.

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More information about the Outreach Programme can be
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