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Tribunal launches new online resources for the Karadžić case

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The Tribunal today launched three new online resources providing additional information on the Karadžić case: the Hearing List; the collection of all public videos from the case; and the entire collection of public exhibits.

The Hearing List introduces an innovative and practical way of accessing information related to the public hearings in the case. Presented as an interactive table on the ICTY website, it allows users to easily access information related to witnesses and to view the transcripts of their testimonies.

The ICTY Court Records Database was expanded to include video recordings of public trial sessions in the Karadžić case. More than 1,200 video recordings of trial sessions were digitized and are now available online for viewing in English, French, and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian.

Additionally, nearly 20,000 public exhibits admitted during the Karadžić trial are now available on the Court Records Database.

The Tribunal produced these new resources to further serve a wide range of audiences in their exploration of the substantial amount of public material produced at trial.

Developing new tools that facilitate access to its records is part of the Tribunal’s efforts to ensure the highest standards of accountability and transparency of its work.