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UN Member States praise Tribunal’s role in forging new culture of international accountability

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The Hague, 17 October 2012

UN Member States praise Tribunal’s role in forging new culture of international accountability


Following President Theodor Meron’s speech to the UN General Assembly this Monday, in which he presented the Tribunal’s nineteenth annual report, several Member States spoke out in support of the ICTY and its achievements.

Ioannis Vrailas, from the Delegation of the European Union, highlighted the role that the ICTY and International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) have played in strengthening the rule of law in the Balkans and Rwanda, and beyond: “They were forerunners in creating jurisprudence that is a source of inspiration for all national and international jurisdictions that will have to address such crimes. Their record bears that out.” Vrailas called on all states to cooperate with both the ICTY and ICTR in line with their obligations under the relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions.

Joan Prince of the United States commended President Meron for the cost-saving, managerial and administrative measures he had implemented as well as for his efforts in relation to the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT). She stressed that in the almost 20 years since its establishment, the Tribunal had, with the ICTR, articulated a “robust body” of international law. Prince added that thanks to the work of both Tribunals, the world now knows about “some of the most hideous crimes against mankind”. Prince also praised the Tribunal’s efforts in the areas of local capacity building and education, which would help foster long-term peace and reconciliation.

The Russian representative, Igor A. Panin, noted the efforts of the leadership of both Tribunals to launch the Mechanism on time and effectively prepare its rules of procedure and the recruitment of the necessary staff. He praised the ICTY’s efforts to complete its work in a timely manner and noted that in the ICTY, “there are no major delays in (…) the Mladić and Hadžić cases”.

The report of the ICTY is submitted annually to the General Assembly. In his first address to the General Assembly since becoming President in November 2011, President Meron reported on steps taken to implement the Tribunal’s Completion Strategy and thanked Member States for their substantial support over the years.  



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