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Appeals Chamber Stays the Haradinaj Decision

Press Release
(Exclusively for the use of the media. Not an official document)

The Hague, 16 December 2005


The Tribunal's Appeals Chamber today ruled to stay the Trial Chamber's decision rendered on 12 October 2005 which would have allowed Ramush Haradinaj "to appear in public and engage in public political activities".

This means that the conditions laid out in the Decision for Provisional Release of Ramush Haradinaj will apply until the Appeals Chamber has rendered its final decision on the matter which will not be issued by 21 December 2005. These conditions include but are not limited to the following:

"[...]The Accused shall reside and remain within the territory of Kosovo throughout the period of his provisional release, more specifically, at Pristina/Prishtinë or at Glodjane/Gllogjan[...]"

"[...]the Accused will not be allowed to make any public appearance or in any way get involved in any public political activity. The Accused will however be allowed to take up administrative or organisational activities in his capacity of President of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, provided such activities do not conflict with any of the conditions set out in this decision.


The full text of the decision can be found on the ICTY website

at the following address:

Courtroom proceedings can be followed on the Tribunal's website.