Legacy website of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

Since the ICTY’s closure on 31 December 2017, the Mechanism maintains this website as part of its mission to preserve and promote the legacy of the UN International Criminal Tribunals.

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The series of documentaries produced by the Outreach Programme aims at making the ICTY’s work more visible and comprehensible. The movies focus on key jurisprudence and some of the milestone cases that shaped the history of international criminal justice.

The films were presented and distributed both in the former Yugoslavia and internationally to a wide range of audiences. They were acclaimed by victim groups, academics, civil society and students, and recognised as powerful educational tools.

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Through Their Eyes: Witnesses to Justice

If you were the victim of war crimes, would you come forward to testify?

Crimes before the ICTY: Prijedor

The discovery that set international criminal justice into motion.

Sexual Violence and the Triumph of Justice

The Tribunal's historic role in the prosecution of wartime sexual violence.

Justice at Work

Creating the first international tribunal since Nuremberg.

Never Justified: ICTY and the Crime of Torture

Never Justified: ICTY and the Crime of Torture