Assignment of Cases

As of 26/07/2016


Trial Chamber I

Alphons Orie (Presiding)
Christoph Flügge
Justice Moloto

Ratko MLADIĆ (IT-09-92)

Appeals Chamber

Carmel A. Agius (Presiding)
Theodor Meron
Fausto Pocar
Liu Daqun
Justice Moloto

Jadranko PRLIĆ, Bruno STOJIĆ, Slobodan PRALJAK, Milivoj PETKOVIĆ, Valentin ĆORIĆ, Berislav PUŠIĆ (IT-04-74-A)

Please note that pursuant to Rule 27(C) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, the President may at any time temporarily assign a member of a Trial Chamber or of the Appeals Chamber to another Chamber.