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High school students get ‘interesting’ introduction to the ICTY

Derventa, 9 April 2013

ICTY Outreach representative Almir Alić today travelled to the little town of Derventa in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina to meet with students from the local high school. Even after twenty years, the scars of armed conflict are still clearly visible as one approaches the town, the road is lined with ruins of burned-out houses, overgrown with trees and thick brush.

After Almir’s presentation about the Tribunal’s work and key achievements, the students were keen to ask him questions. One asked why proceedings before the Tribunal took longer than those before a national court. In response, Almir explained about the various procedural stages in the life of an ICTY case, and described the work of some of the Tribunal’s different sections, each of which has their role to play in supporting the incredibly complex cases that come before the Tribunal’s judges.

Following the presentation, one student told Almir: “I didn’t expect to enjoy this, but I actually found it very interesting.”