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More than 100 students congregate for ICTY presentation

Županja, 10 April 2013

130 students from the high school in the Croatian town of Županja today gathered to listen to a presentation about the work and achievements of the ICTY given by Outreach representative Morgiana Brading.

Close to frontiers with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Županja is situated near to other border towns where a number of war crimes took place, including Vukovar, Tenja, Erdut and Ovčara. Županja, however, was fortunately spared a similar fate. Nevertheless, the students told Morgiana that they were aware of many of the crimes that had been committed nearby.

The young people were most interested in hearing about the ICTY trials which dealt with crimes committed in Vukovar, and were also keen to talk about the cases of recently acquitted Croatian generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markač.

A question was asked about what would happen after the Tribunal closes down and Morgiana told her audience about the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals and how it would inherit many of the key functions of the ICTY over the next few years.

At the conclusion of the event, the teachers thanked Morgiana for coming and commended the fairness and balance of the presentation.