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Over 250 university law students attend ICTY lectures

Mostar, Tuzla, Doboj, 8, 9 and 10 May 2013

Around 250 students from four law faculties in Bosnia and Herzegovina attended presentations given by Aleksandar Kontić, a legal advisor with the Office of the Prosecutor.

Some 50 students from the law faculties of the Džemal Bijedić University and the University of Mostar attended Aleksandar’s presentation on 8 May – this event being quite unusual, in that it brought together students from across the ethnic divide which has persisted in Mostar since the war.

A huge crowd of 150 University of Tuzla students gathered to listen to Aleksandar’s lecture on 9 May; and a further 40 students, this time from the Slobomir P. University in Doboj, heard the presentation on 10 May.

Over the course of three presentations, the students heard Aleksandar speak on topics such as the issue of command responsibility in international criminal proceedings, the meaning of ‘effective control’ over an army unit, and some of the recent judgements rendered by the ICTY Appeals Chamber.

Aleksandar also showed the trainee advocates video footage of the cross-examination of a defence witness in the Simić et al. case, and then took them through the basics of a well-prepared cross-examination.

Irena Šolaja, a student at the university in Doboj, said: “Such presentations are extremely welcome because they offer students practice-based legal experiences and an open space for discussion.”