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Tribunal participates in University of Pristina summer school

Pristina, 30 and 31 July 2013

The Tribunal’s Outreach Programme continued its engagement with young people in Kosovo with two lectures given to university students this week. Alexandros Zervos, Deputy Chef de Cabinet of the ICTY President traveled to Pristina where he gave lectures on the jurisprudence of the ICTY and crimes within the mandate of the institution. The lectures, given on 30 and 31 July, formed part of the International Summer School of the University of Pristina, which gathered together students from Kosovo and surrounding countries.

Alexandros’s lectures were attended by around 25 students and were on both occasions followed by animated discussions on the topics covered. The discussions touched on subjects such as whether the definition of genocide should be expanded to cover additional groups, whether various types of crimes could be qualified as genocide, and how categorising actions as crimes impacts on reconciliation.

One student who attended the lecture said in her evaluation: “Best discussion of the summer school so far. Impressive and inspiring.”

Alexandros distributed large amounts of printed material about the Tribunal and encouraged the students to visit the ICTY’s website and to follow its social media channels. At the event’s conclusion, the organisers expressed their gratitude and invited Alexandros to return for similar lectures in the future.