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Tribunal Hosts a Study Visit for Judges and Prosecutors from Serbia

Press Release
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The Hague, 1 September 2010

Tribunal Hosts a Study Visit for Judges and Prosecutors from Serbia


The Tribunal welcomed this morning a group of Judges and Prosecutors from Serbia on a three-day study visit to the Tribunal.

The visit, organised by the OSCE Mission to Serbia in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Tribunal’s Outreach Programme, is part of the Tribunal’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the cooperation and knowledge sharing with members of the judiciary in the former Yugoslavia.

A total of 10 Judges from the Belgrade Appellate Court and High Court and two Prosecutors from the War Crimes Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade are visiting the Tribunal.

The Tribunal’s President, Judge Patrick Robinson, welcomed the group this morning. The visiting Judges will hold peer-to-peer discussions with the Tribunal’s Judges to cover various topics including witness protection, plea bargaining and sentencing practice, case management, appeals process, and application of legal standards in war crimes adjudication.

The Prosecutors will meet with OTP officials to discuss similar legal issues from the viewpoint of prosecutorial work, and will get acquainted with the OTP evidence databases and methods of communication with sensitive witnesses during investigations and trials.

For more information on the Tribunal’s work with the judiciaries from the region and past visits please visit the Tribunal’s website at http://www.icty.org/sid/8937.

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