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Blaskic case/update 2 : defendant's detention conditions further modified.

Press Release · Communiqué de presse

(Exclusively for the use of the media. Not an official document)


The Hague, 23 April 1996


In response to a motion filed by Counsel for General Tihomir BLASKIC on 11 April 1996, requesting a change in the accused's conditions of detention, Judge Antonio CASSESE, president of the Tribunal, on 17 April 1996, ordered that the defendant's holding conditions be further modified.

Upholding his previous decision of 3 April 1996 to permit General Blaskic to be incarcerated, at his own expense, outside of the Tribunal's Detention Centre, Judge Cassese decided that Blaskic should be moved from his present place of detention to a more appropriate place designated by the Registrar in consultation with the Dutch authorities.

In addition, the following changes have been ordered: General Blaskic will be permitted to meet with his wife, children and lawyer, "in any (. . .) place deemed appropriate by the Registrar in consultation with the Dutch authorities, and for such duration as the Registrar considers appropriate in accordance with the Rules of Detention". All other visits, including those with
Croatian diplomatic and consular representatives, family and friends, will continue to take place at the detention centre. The Accused will be entitled, once a month, to spend the night with his wife and children. General Blaskic will be allowed to make outgoing phone calls from his place of detention, subject to Rule 66 of the Rules of Detention (which provides that the Prosecutor
may request the Registrar to prohibit contract between the accused and any other person if there are reasonable grounds for believing that the contact is for the purpose of planning an escape or could prejudice or otherwise affect the outcome of his case or any other investigation, or that such contact is harmful for the defendant or anyone else) and paragraph 6 of the section of the
Regulations to Govern the Supervision of Visits to and Communication with Detainees concerning telephone calls (which provides that telephone calls may be recorded and/or monitored if the defendant is planning an escape, to interfere with or intimidate witnesses or otherwise disrupt order at the place of detention). General Blaskic will be allowed a television and radio at his own

The General's conditions of detention are otherwise unaltered. Specifically, General Blaskic is barred from leaving the Netherlands, or from leaving his place of residence, except for the reasons articulated above; he will have no contact with the press; and all correspondence to or from him shall be addressed to the Detention Unit. As well as paying for his new accomodation,
General Blaskic will continue to bear the costs of his security detail.