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Dokmanovic case - Motions for scheduling a trial date have been filed

Press Release . Communiqué de presse

(Exclusively for the use of the media. Not an official document)


The Hague, 5 November 1997



1. On 3 November 1997, Mr. Toma Fila, Defence counsel for Mr. Dokmanovic filed a Defence Motion for Sceduling (sic) the Date of Trial. In his motion, counsel requests the Trial Chamber to "immediately set a trial date for December...irrespectful of the Appeal on the motion for release of the accused...". (See PR 254)

Mr. Fila further requests a "severance of the trial...from other indictees in order to ensure the right of Mr. Dokmanovic to be tried without undue delay and to enjoy the rights guaranteed under Art. 21 (4) of the Statute."

The other indictees referred to above are Colonel Mile Mrksic, Major Veselin Sljivancanin and Captain Miroslav Radic. The four men are indicted in the "Vukovar Hospital" indictment dated 3 April 1996. They are accused by the Prosecutor of having commanded or supervised the removal and subsequent execution of approximately 260 men from Vukovar Hospital, Croatia, by JNA and Serb
paramilitary soldiers, in November 1991.

2. Also on 3 November 1997, the accused himself filed a Motion by Accused for Sceduling (sic) the Date of Trial in which he reiterated his counsel’s request for a trial in early December.

This is the first time an accused has filed a motion of his own accord.


A copy of the above motion is available in the Press and Information Office upon request.