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Trial Chamber disposes of motions filed in Celebici case.

Press Release · Communiqué de presse

(Exclusively for the use of the media. Not an official document)


The Hague, 30 January 1997


In an order of 27 January 1997 disposing of motions filed by lawyers for Esad LANDZO and Zejnil DELALIC, two of the four accused in the Celebici Case, Trial Chamber II made the following decisions:

a. Regarding Landzo

1) The Motion for Reconsideration of the Application for Separate Trial, filed on 14 January 1997 by counsel for Esad LANDZO, was denied, good cause not having been shown.

2) The Motion for enlargement of time in which to file preliminary motions, filed on 14 January 1997 by counsel for Esad LANDZO, was denied, the Defence having failed to show that such additional motions fall within Rule 73.

3) The Motion Requesting Subsequent Submission of a Notice to the Prosecutor Offering the Defence of Alibi, filed on 14 January 1997 by counsel for Esad LANDZO, was granted, with such notice already having been served on the Prosecutor, who consented to the granting of the motion.

4) The Motion Requesting a Bill of Particulars, filed on 14 January 1997 by counsel for Esad LANDZO, was denied, the Trial Chamber noting its decision of 15 November 1996 on the Motion Based on Defects in the Form of the Indictment.

5) The Trial Chamber ordered the Parties to the proceedings to resolve amongst themselves before the commencement of the trial various discovery-related issues raised in the Defence Motion for Equal Access to Prosecution Witnesses for Interview, the Defence Motion for Disclosure of Exculpatory Material, the Defence Motion for Designation of Evidence and the Defence
Motion for Discovery and Inspection of Evidence, all filed on 14 January 1997 by counsel for Esad LANDZO. If the parties cannot agree, either side may raise these issues before the Trial Chamber after the trial begins.

b. Regarding Delalic

1) The Trial Chamber ruled that the request for Exclusion of the Transcript and Video Recordings of the Conversation Handed Over to the Prosecutor on March 18 and 19 1996 in Munich by Zejnil Delalic as Inadmissible Evidence, filed on 14 January 1997 by Counsel for Zejnil DELALIC, is untimely made, but may be re-presented during the trial proceedings if the
Prosecutor seeks to submit such items in evidence.