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‘Extremely useful’ lecture about the Tribunal

Novi Pazar, 16 May 2014

Students and professors from the Law Faculty of the International Univeristy in Novi Pazar were thoroughly engrossed by the lecture given by Ljiljana Hellman of the ICTY’s Registry on the topics of command responsibility and adjudicating the crime of genocide before the ICTY.

The lecture was attended by 35 students who were clearly keen to expand their knowledge and were very well prepared. The budding lawyers had many detailed questions about the issues they were interested in, including the ways of proving that genocide was committed in Srebrenica; how to prove genocidal intent; how sexual violence can be an element of the crime of genocide; and how command responsibility is proved in ICTY practice.

The students were also interested in the documentaries produced by the Outreach Programme about crimes of wartime sexual violence, crimes committed in camps in the Prijedor area, and the experiences of victims who testify before the Tribunal. Copies of these documentaries were made available to the students and they were also informed that it was possible to view them on the ICTY’s website.

Vice Dean of the Faculty Aleksandar R. Ivanović and professor Eldar Šaljić stressed that they were delighted with the continuation of the cooperation between their faculty and the ICTY’s Outreach Programme, saying that this lecture - as well as the previous ones given by Tribunal representatives - was extremely useful for their students because it gave them an opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of how the rules and laws they only learn about in theory are implemented in practice. The professors also thanked the ICTY’s Outreach Programme on organising such valuable lectures and allowing students in the region to be in tune with the latest legal standards and developments in jurisprudence.