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‘Two hours not enough for such an interesting lecture’

Sarajevo, Zenica, 25 & 26 March 2013

A series of presentations on the forms of criminal responsibility at the ICTY, held at the Sarajevo Faculty of Criminal Justice, Criminology and Security Studies, the American University in Sarajevo, and the Law School in Zenica, on 25 and 26 March, got the Tribunal’s guest lectures project in Bosnia and Herzegovina off to a successful start.

In his inspiring two-hour presentations, Thomas Pittman, Senior Legal Officer with the ICTY’s Appeals Chamber, shared his extensive experience with the attending students, skilfully analysing and presenting each form of individual criminal responsibility.

The students at the various locations all responded enthusiastically to Thomas’s talks and asked questions on a wide variety of topics, ranging from the less familiar forms of criminal responsibility, to the ICTY’s sentencing policy, the duration of proceedings, and compensation for those accused acquitted by the Tribunal.

One student from the Faculty of Criminology said that she hoped such lectures would be organised again in the future because the information provided “was so interesting that the two hours allocated for the presentation were not enough ... They were enough only to trigger our interest in further research and possibly help decide on the future course of our studies.”