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“The past should not be forgotten, but we must turn towards the future”

Gradačac, 18 February 2013

Almir Alić, the Outreach representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, today met with a group of students from the “Mustafa Novalić” Gymnasium in Gradačac to present the work of the ICTY and discuss issues of justice and post-conflict recovery.

As the presentation began, one 18-year-old student admitted that she knew very little about the topics being discussed, and a number of her peers followed suit in saying that any information on the subject of the Tribunal would be new to them. However, over the course of two hours of lively discussion, the students were very clear about their belief in the need for reconciliation and peaceful co-existence in the region of the former Yugoslavia.
“We should develop awareness of the importance of living together regardless of our ethnic backgrounds,” said one student, while another suggested that “the past should not be forgotten, but we must turn towards the future.”
School principal Amir Mujkanović said: “Such presentations are most needed and welcome for our young people, who are building bridges of reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entire region.”