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American students visiting ICTY Sarajevo Field Office

Sarajevo, 25 July 2014

As a part of their study visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, a group of students from the Denver University, USA, visited the ICTY Field Office in Sarajevo today. During a two-hour presentation, ICTY Registry Liaison Officer Almir Alić introduced the students with the work of the Tribunal, its major achievements and challenges it has been facing.

The students led by Professor Ann Petrila, Director of Field Education with the Denver University, were particularly keen to learn more about the ICTY Outreach experiences in working with communities in BiH. In addition to questions about Tribunal's sentencing policy and guilty plea practices, the group was also interested in transfer of criminal prosecution of cases related to serious violations of international humanitarian law from the ICTY to local courts, as well as the role the Tribunal has played in strengthening national judiciaries and building ties between international and national legal systems. 

Jillian Morrison, age 29, University of Denver, Colorado, USA:

“The ICTY should be lauded for their professionalism and commitment to seeking justice for victims of genocide and war crimes. I am hopeful that the work that the ICTY has done will not be forgotten and there will be outreach and support given by the international community to sustain ICTY's efforts, especially its effort to provide information to the youth who will bridge the gap for peace.“

Deanna Barton, Age 21, University of Denver:

“The presentation was an insightful demonstration of what the ICTY does not only within the court but also with the community. The video of the dialogue that occurs between the victims and the criminals within the court hearings were an incredible demonstration of what occurs within the ICTY and the goal of the ICTY to facilitate the healing of the victims trough justice“.