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Another encore performance in BiH

Tuzla, 29 April 2013

High school students from the Meša Selimović Gymnasium in the town of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, today welcomed the return of Outreach representative Almir Alić, who had been asked back for a follow-up presentation, following a very succesful visit last year.

On this occasion, Almir gave a more specialised presentation about the work of the Tribunal, focussing on crimes of wartime sexual violence. As on his previous visit, the students paid close attention to Almir's presentation, and played an active role in the discussion that followed it. Some of the students even suggsted that listening to Almir talk had helped to confirm their plans to go on to study legal matters at university.

"Since my intention is to study law, I really welcomed this presentation," said one 19-year-old student." "And I find it excellent that we were encourged to enrich it with our own opinions and conclusions. "