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Audience silenced by Outreach documentary

Leskovac, 5 July 2012

Outreach’s feature-length documentary on the Tribunal’s groundbreaking prosecution of crimes of wartime sexual violence was today screened at an event co-organised with two Serbian NGOs: Women in Black from Belgrade and Women for Peace from Leskovac.

The event opened with the documentary, which was then followed by speeches from Outreach officer Morgiana Brading and representatives of the two NGOs.

During the showing of the film, the impact of the witness statements on the audience could be heard through their sighs and gasps, and after the conclusion of the event many members of the audience said that they had found the topic almost too heavy to bear.

One woman said: “Although I knew about the crimes I was still shocked to hear the witness statements in detail. What these women went through is just horrible.”

Four local TV stations attended the event and took statements from Morgiana and other attendees.