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Audience in Vitez left speechless by ICTY documentary

Vitez |

Following the screening in Sarajevo, the latest documentary Crimes before the Tribunal: Central Bosnia was screened in the town of Vitez, in Central Bosnia, the scene of some of the most gruesome crimes committed against civilians during the recent war. The film evoked deep emotions from the some 80 representatives of victims associations, NGOs, municipal authorities and local judiciary. It left the audience speechless and some could not hide their tears as they were visibly shaken by the crimes shown, which were committed in their municipality. 

One of the people in attendance, Chief Physician Dr Kadrija Šabić-Haračić, who worked as a neurosurgeon in Central Bosnian during the war, expressed great enthusiasm and support for presenting the past events in this way and underlined that “Every household in Bosnia and Herzegovina should have a copy of this film. It is necessary to show to people that they are not alone in their pain and that there were victims on all sides. Such films speak about what happened in a clear way and contribute to the healing process.''

Some of the survivors who attended today's screening expressed hope that these crimes would never happen again and underlined the importance of such and similar projects in preventing the denial of crimes committed and in helping to build better relations among communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.