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BiH students insist on extra-long presentation

6 March 2013, Čapljina

Almir Alić, the ICTY’s Outreach representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina today visited the high school in the town of Čapljina, located right on the border with Croatia, to talk to students about the work and achievements of the Tribunal. So popular did the event prove with the young people, that the two-hour time slot set aside for the presentation had to be extended by an hour.

The students were keen to learn about every aspect of the Tribunal’s work, from the rendering of judgements to guilty pleas and the protection of the rights of the accused. They were particularly interested in the Tribunal’s rules regarding false testimony and contempt of court. Almir also explained appellate proceedings to a student who was interested in how reversals of Trial Chamber judgements come about. Even the school bell did nothing to stem the tide of questions.

In their comments on evaluation forms following the event, many students insisted that another presentation be organised in their school in future. “Everything was interesting and I would like to attend a similar presentation to learn more,” wrote one girl.