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Bosnian students discuss the work of the ICTY

Rogatica, 22 April 2013

High school pupils in the small eastern Bosnian town of Rogatica today met withOutreach representative Almir Alić to learn about the work and achievements of the ICTY.

The students were immediately keen to engage with Almir and actively participated in a discussion about the Tribunal’s mandate. One student asked if the Tribunal could contribute to reconciliation in the region of the former Yugoslavia. Almir explained that the work of the ICTY was just one part of a wider web of transitional justice elements, which requires a joint effort from people across post-conflict societies to seek the facts about human losses and suffering, to search for the disappeared, to create a culture of memory, respect and reparations for the victims, and to reform institutions.

One a society undertakes such actions, the results are a strengthening of the rule of law, a lessening of the traumatic effects of violence, and a fostering of reconciliation between both communities and states,” Almir told his young audience.