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Bringing the work of the ICTY closer to young people in Beli Manastir

Beli Manastir |

The ICTY Outreach Programme, in cooperation with the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Croatia (YIHR HR), today began a new cycle of presentations about the Tribunal’s work and achievements for students in their final year of high school in Croatia. YIHR RH representative, Joco Glavaš, visited Beli Manastir and the local Second High School (Druga srednja škola) where he delivered a presentation about the work of the Tribunal for a group of over 30 students of economy and administration.
After he introduced the students to the concepts of transitional justice and facing the past,he then turned to the work and achievements of the ICTY. In the second part of his presentation, he focused on the Jokić, Strugar, Martić, and Gotovina et al. cases. The students were very interested so the entire presentation lasted for three hours.  

In their comments, the students pointed out that although they had limited knowledge about the Tribunal, learning about the Tribunal’s work encouraged their interest in what happened in the 1990’s in Yugoslavia. Their questions were constructive and many related to the Šešelj case as well as the treatment of detainees in the Detention Unit.

"The presentation has very much helped me understand what happened at the Tribunal during trials, and the presenter also clarified the issue that had bothered me the most, and that is why those in the Detention Unit have such a good treatment.”, said a 17-year old student. His colleague added: “Although I’m not interested in law or courts, I believe it’s important for us young people to know what exactly happened in the region in the 1990s and who’s responsible.”