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Croatian students keen to hear more about the ICTY

Nova Gradiška, 25 April 2012

Outreach representatives travelled to the small Croatian town of Nova Gradiška, around 150 km south of Zagreb, to meet with over 30 students from the local school. The young people were exceedingly interested in the ICTY presentation, and the questions from the audience began to flow long before it was over.

After the presentation, the ICTY staff chatted with students who had additional questions. One fourth-year student said: "We were really provided with copious information about the Tribunal's work during an objective and informative presentation."

A teacher who attended the event remarked: "I think this was an excellent presentation of the ICTY’s work and achievements, and it provided the students with fresh information on numerous aspects of the Tribunal. I would be very happyI if another such presentation could be organised for our students in the course of the next school year.”.