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The cycle of ICTY presentations in Montenegro high schools completed

Pljevlja, 8 May 2014

Registry Liaison Officer Morgiana Brading today travelled to a high school in Pljevlja, Montenegro, where she gave a presentation on the work of the ICTY and the Mechanism for International Criminal Courts (MICT) to around 80 students, teachers and the school principal. This was the fifth and final presentation held in high schools in Montenegro in this year’s cycle of the Youth Outreach project

The main focus of the presentation was the ICTY's achievements over the past 20 years, including the established facts, its contribution to the fight against impunity for war crimes and the development of the international humanitarian law. The students were also informed about the role of the ICTY in prosecuting and defining sexual violence during a conflict as a crime under international law. In order to provide students with further insight into this issue, the presentation included some of the facts established in two of more than the 20 of the Tribunal’s cases which dealt with sexual violence, namely those covering the crimes committed in the regions of Foča and Čelebići.

In addition Morgiana talked about a number of other trials held before the ICTY, including the cases related to the crimes committed in Srebrenica, BiH, and Dubrovnik, Croatia.   

The students and professors in attendance were also informed about the closing strategy of the Tribunal and the role and mandate of the MICT, as well as the details about the residual functions of the ICTY which the MICT will continue to perform after the Tribunal closes its doors.