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Diplomats from Kosovo visit the Tribunal

The Hague, 11 September 2014

A group of six diplomats from Kosovo visited the Tribunal today and met with Nenad Golčevski, the Head of the ICTY Outreach and Andrew Begg, Legal Officer in the MICT’s Registry. In addition visitors had the opportunity to follow the hearing in the Hadžić case.

Golčevski introduced the group to the work and achievements of the ICTY and talked about the completion strategy. He also highlighted the importance of transfer of knowledge from the Tribunal to the region and strengthening of the judicial systems in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. He stressed that, with the ICTY mandate in its final phase, it is crucial to ensure that local courts effectively process war crimes cases. Visitors wanted to know more about the co-operation between the ICTY and local courts and asked several questions regarding the cases that have been transferred to the courts in the former Yugoslavia.

Andrew Begg briefed the Kosovo diplomats on the MICT’s mandate, tasks and role the MICT plays in the ICTY’s and ICTR’s completion strategies. He pointed out that the MICT’s functions will include handling appeals, enforcement of sentences, protection of witnesses, review of judgements, dealing with re-trials if new evidence surfaces, assistance to national jurisdictions, as well as maintenance and accessibility of the ICTY and ICTR archives.

The visit was organised by the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael in cooperaiton with ICTY Outreach.