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Documentary on crimes against cultural heritage screened in Zagreb

Zagreb |

The Tribunal’s Outreach Programme screened today its latest documentary, Dubrovnik and Crimes against Cultural Heritage, in Zagreb, Croatia. The screening was organised in cooperation with the Youth Initiative for Human Rights and was attended by young people interested in transitional justice and human rights, as well as by media representatives.

The ensuing discussion focussed on the work of the Outreach Programme and its impact in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. In response to questions relating to the future of the outreach activities after the Tribunal’s closure, it was emphasised that civil society will have a key role in this respect and that information centres in the countries of the former Yugoslavia could serve as hubs for ICTY-related information.

Dubrovnik and Crimes against Cultural Heritage is the sixth documentary film produced by the Outreach Programme as part of its efforts to bring the work and achievements of the Tribunal closer to audiences in the former Yugoslavia and around the world. The film provides an overview of the Tribunal’s work in adjudicating crimes of systematic destruction of institutions dedicated to religion, education or culture.