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Drawings by Bosnian children in new ICTY website feature

The Hague, 13 September 2013

The Tribunal’s Outreach Programme and Web Unit today launched a new online gallery featuring drawings produced by children from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) during an ICTY workshop at the 10th Sarajevo Kids Festival.

How do you imagine justice? What kind of work does the Tribunal do? Will war crime trials contribute to reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

These questions were posed to a group of children aged 7 to 14 during the festival workshop. The children were shown age-appropriate photographs from wartime events and ICTY proceedings, which were used as a catalyst for a general discussion about the war in BiH and the ways to deal with its consequences. The children were then encouraged to express through drawing their thoughts on justice, reconciliation, and the need for war crimes trials.

The online gallery features the 20 best drawings, giving the viewer a child’s eye view of international justice and the work of the ICTY. Viewers can ‘Like’ their favourite drawing on the ICTY’s Facebook page, and the five most popular pictures will be used in the design of future ICTY information materials.