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Dutch communication and media students learn about the ICTY

The Hague, 20 February 2014

ICTY Outreach representative Nenad Golčevski today visited Rotterdam’s Erasmus University to give a lecture about the impact of the ICTY and its Outreach Programme on the transitional justice process in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. The lecture was held as part of a seminar on ‘Human Suffering in Media and Arts’ for students of communications and media.

The group of 15 students were understandably keen to learn as much as they could about the work of the Outreach Programme and the Tribunal as a whole.

After seeing excerpts from several testimonies of victims witnesses before the Tribunal, the students recognized the importance of the opportunity that the Tribunal provides to the victims, as a platform to tell the stories about the suffering they endured during the war. The students were also very surprised to hear that the media in the former Yugoslavia rarely report on these heart breaking stories.

At the end of the lecture Nenad distributed examples of information material produced by ICTY Outreach, and the attending students expressed their gratitude for the lecture which they said they had found interesting and thought-provoking.

The lecturer, Mr Johannes von Engelhard, said: “It is very important for our students to hear first-hand about the issues encountered by the Tribunal in the communication of its work to the communities in the former Yugoslavia, given that it helps them to better understand both the challenges and the importance of such outreach efforts.”