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Dutch students visited ICTY Field Office in BiH

Sarajevo, 30 July 2014

ICTY Registry Liaison Officer in Sarajevo, Almir Alić hosted today a group of students from the Dutch United Nations Student Association in Amsterdam, as part of their study visit to the region of the former Yugoslavia.

Almir shared with the group his vast experience in working on projects with the local communities, especially with the youth, who have shown great potential for facing the past, thereby supporting the post-conflict recovery of their society. Students expressed a keen interest in Almir's presentation, particularly in the efforts of the ICTY Outreach Programme, which faces daily challenges of working in an environment hindered by the war crimes denial, ethnic divisions and remaining political tensions.

As clearly demonstrated in a statement by one of the female students from Amsterdam, following the presentation the group of Dutch students expanded their knowledge of the work of the ICTY: “It is now much clearer as to how justice is achieved on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, by individualising guilt, irrespective of perpetrator's ethnicity. Furthermore, we also learnt that there are still unfortunately many remaining challenges related to ethnic division and war crimes denial.