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FYROM law students learn about the ICTY

Skopje, 14 and 15 May 2013

Around 75 students from three universities in Skopje, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), this week attended presentations on the law and practice of the ICTY given by John Cubbon, a Senior Legal Officer in the Tribunal's Chambers.

John’s first lecture was given at the University of Saint Cyril and Methodius on 14 May, with about 40 law students in attendance. The trainee advocates were attentive and interested throughout, and John’s presentation was followed by a wide-ranging discussion during which the students showed a willingness to put forward well-reasoned arguments despite their often strong feelings about the topics covered.

About 20 first and second year undergraduate students at the European University gathered to listen to John’s lecture on 15 May. The same day, another 15 students heard the presentation at the American University College.

At all three presentations, John gave an overview of the history of the Tribunal, the legal authority for its establishment and its material jurisdiction covering war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. He also covered more specific matters, including the NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the transfer of four case files from the Tribunal back to FYROM in 2008.