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Getting together with young activists in Srebrenica

Srebrenica |

ICTY Outreach programme representative in Sarajevo, Almir Alić participated today in a one-day conference in Srebrenica, organised by the Sarajevo-based Post -Conflict Research Centre as a part of the One Million Bones – The Road to Srebrenica project. Over one hundred young activists from the region and abroad had an opportunity to hear about experiences of various actors transitional justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Speaking on the panel „Approaches to Legacy of Genocide”, Almir Alić discussed the ICTY cases in which it was proven beyond reasonable doubt that what happened in Srebrenica was an act of genocide. The participants were particularly interested in learning about experiences of the Outreach Programme in working with high school and university students in the region and stimulating the youth to take active role in the process of transitional justice by sharing information and introducing them with Tribunal’s jurisprudence.