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High school presentation for Kosovo students continue

Orahovac/Rahovec, 17 November 2014

Presentations about the Tribunal for high school students in Kosovo continued today in the town of Orahovac/ Rahovec situated in south-western part of Kosovo. ICTY representative Astrit Lleshi gave a presentation about the Tribunal, its work and achievements to 37 students of the High School “Xhelal Hajda- Toni”. Astrit introduced the students to establishment and mandate of the Tribunal, some of the key trials held before it, the contribution ICTY has made to international justice and the role of the ICTY Outreach Programme in bringing Tribunal’s work closer to the communities of the former Yugoslavia.

Following Astrit’s presentation, the students wanted to hear more about the ICTY’s Kosovo-related trials, i.e. the Slobodan Milošević, Đorđević, Šainović et al, Limaj et al and Haradinaj et al cases. One student asked if it is possible for a side in the conflict which defends to commit war crimes. Astrit stressed that perpetrators of war crimes would be held responsible under the international humanitarian law for war crimes committed, regardless of which side of the conflict they fought on.

In addition one student asked whether persons acquitted by the ICTY are compensated for the years spent in detention. Astrit explained that no international court currently provides such compensation.

The majority of students evaluated the presentation highly, saying that it was both informative and interesting.