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High school students discuss the work of the Tribunal

6. March 2013., Obrovac

Outreach representative Klara Dokmanović today visited Obrovac, a town in Croatia’s Zadar hinterland, located in the canyon formed by the beautiful river Zrmanja. The high school in Obrovac is attended by young people from several neighbouring small towns such as Kruševo, Karin, Jasenice, Gračac and Maslenica, all of which were badly affected by events during the war in Croatia.

A group of 18 students and four teachers attended the presentation. While the students were rather quiet after the presentation, they openly presented their opinions in the evaluation forms.

One of them said that students should be shown many more clips of victims testifying before the Tribunal as they best illustrate the hardships suffered by so many during the war.

Another student said she had discovered many things about the ICTY’s work that she had never seen presented in the media. “We learned about things that we have the right to know,” she said, adding that this is a topic that should be discussed much more frequently.