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High school students get an introduction to the ICTY

Backi Petrovac, 17 May 2012

Outreach representative Morgiana Brading today presented the work and achievements of the Tribunal to around 40 students from the third and fourth years of the Jan Kolar Gymnasium in the Serbian town of Backi Petrovac. The school is unusual in that it provides education only in Slovak, catering to the large population of Slovaks in the local area.

The school principal explained to Morgiana that the students probably know very little about the Tribunal, and this proved to be the case, with the students confirming that everything they heard during the presentation was new information for them.

The students were particularly interested by the trials involving sexual violence in conflict and were keen for Morgiana to tell them more on the topic.

One student asked about the ethnic balance of the Tribunal’s indictees, but Morgiana explained that ethnicity was not important to the Tribunal, and that only the seriousness of the alleged crimes was taken into account.

This was the penultimate event in the current round of high school presentation in Serbia. More presentations are planned for the beginning of the next school year in September.