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High school students from Glina learn about the Tribunal

Glina |

As part of its collaboration with Tribunal’s Outreach Programme, a representative of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Josip Ivanović, visited Glina High School today where he held a presentation about the work of the ICTY. The presentation was attended by 52 students, a history teacher and the school’s education specialist. The students were informed about the circumstances which lead to the establishment of the Tribunal, cases relating to crimes committed in Croatian towns of Škabrnja, Vukovar, Dubrovnik and Zagreb, as well as the crimes committed during the Military and Police’s ‘Operation Storm’.

Large-scale war crimes and massive human rights violations have taken place on several occasions in Glina during the last 75 years. The students showed great awareness of the importance of transitional justice processes and the grave problems which can arise if a society does not face its wartime past or prosecute the associated war crimes